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Compromise is not part of our vocabulary

An aerial view of Varosha's famous sandy beach

President Anastasiades is always ‘satisfied’ with the likes of the confirmation of U.N. Resolutions, disagreements over ‘terms of reference’ and other such trifles as it lets him very neatly off the hook to actually getting down to the business of resolving the national issue.

Delay, delay, delay is the name of the game and it’s been standard practice as far as he’s concerned ever since he took over the presidential throne.

He has absolutely no intention of doing anything of any worth as the status quo suits him and the majority of the political establishment just perfectly. And as a last resort, he trots out the ‘Turkish intransigence’ card and throws in the usual list of red lines for good measure.
Job done.


Les backed Fr’s comment

This part of the world is marked by cultures with no understanding what it means to compromise.
Look at Turkey, Syria, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Greece … these are all basket case countries because it is all – ‘MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY’.

The only difference for Cypriots is Turkey has a bigger stick and a Dictator who swing it.

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