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Greek and Cypriot finance ministers discuss enhanced economic cooperation

Cyprus and Greece’s finance ministers Harris Georgiades (right) and Christos Staikouras

Cyprus and Greece’s finance ministers Harris Georgiades and Christos Staikouras respectively on Monday announced enhanced cooperation on economic issues between the countries, following a meeting in Nicosia.

Staikouras called Cyprus “a positive example of how a country can quickly recover from a financial crisis.”

Georgiades said they had discussed several issues concerning Greece, Cyprus and the EU in general and expressed optimism on the Greek economic recovery.

“There is a significant alignment in the economic policies of the two countries. Cyprus may be a little ahead of its development course, but the goals are common, the challenges are the same and we have decided to establish a mechanism for cooperation and understanding of the European agenda,” Georgiades said.

“Our hopes are aimed at an economically stable and politically strong Greece. Therefore, we will continue to support them and further expand our already excellent economic and trade relations.”

Staikouras said Greece would be happy to follow Cyprus’ example of swift economic recovery. “The successful implementation of appropriate economic policies within a stable political environment are of vital importance when trying to recover from an economic crisis,” he said.

“We Greeks are happy to see how Cyprus managed to get out of a very difficult situation and we intend to follow in your footsteps, seeing how both our countries are key pillars of peace and stability in the wider Mediterranean region,” he added.

Staikouras concluded saying that last July’s national elections “have provided the country with a new-found political stability.”

“The New Democracy government is already working on implementing reforms aimed at improving finance sustainability and at creating new jobs,” he said.

“A strong Greece and a strong Cyprus have a lot to offer not just to the Mediterranean region, but to the entire world.”

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