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‘Shameful’ Limassol cycle path will be corrected says municipality

Parked cars block the crudely painted bicycle path in Limassol

A crooked, shoddily painted Limassol bicycle path largely blocked by parked cars has been ridiculed on social media, prompting the municipality to promise to investigate and correct the ‘shameful’ embarrassment.

The bicycle path in the area of Omonia Street area is supposed to connect the Limassol Marina with the western areas of the city up to the new port but photos show it would be impossible to function as viable pathway, crisscrossing roads and blocked by parked cars.

The head of European affairs projects, Charis Trikkis told Active Radio on Monday that the images of the red painted bicycle path were shocking for the public and the municipality and were a source of shame.

“The issue has gone too far, and has brought shame to all of us,” Trikkis said about the project.

He added that the legal processes were not followed correctly, and the municipal council did not pass a decision for the bicycle path’s construction, nor did it have the proper licensing from the public works department.

“The original plans [for the path] were not like this,” Trikkis said about the images of the path meant to be constructed behind Limassol Franklin Roosevelt Avenue.

The so-called cycle path suddenly veers across the middle of a road

After the images circulated, the municipal council issued a statement and has since decided to appoint an official to investigate, according to Trikkis.

“The contractor started without looking at plans, without researching the area, and without guidance, to paint the sidewalks in this unappealing manner,” Trikkis added. He also said the project failed to be reviewed by the municipality’s tenders committee.

The road will be returned to its original state, Trikkis said, adding the investigation will examine all the specifications.

Commenting on safety, Trikkis said the road was unsafe for cyclists and that people should not use the road as a bicycle path, as the issue will be corrected.

The project for the bicycle path’s construction is EU funded and was meant to join the city centre’s paths with those of the western part of the city and then Lady’s Mile, the local Disy group said in a statement on Monday.

They called for the current constructions to be dismantled and for the roads south of Franklin Roosevelt street to be returned to their original state.


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