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You cannot negotiate with the occupier and expect an honorable solution

Some people are so defeatist and naïve, and without wanting to, they push forwad the plans of our enemy.

How can you negotiate with an aggressor and occupier and expect an honorable solution for your people except if solution for you means surrender and give it all to appease Turkey and hope that after that everything would be fine and perfect.

Concerning the Cypriot defense, it is much more equipped than the Kurdish defense in Syria and certainly it is not the defense Cyprus never had in 1974.


MrH had a different view of things

I believe the comment piece has a realistic and practical validity attached to it

I also believe that the points it successfully raised are real concerns, and that the Cyprus issue today is no longer confined to only seeking a political outcome.

President Anastasiades needs to seriously seek some kind of compromise on what he originally hinted a few months ago when he talked of a “decentralised federation” and work towards some kind of “confederal” compromise.

There seem to be two extremes that have emerged by default from both camps; one wants a two state formula, while the other side wants a BBF with a strong centrally controlled government.

Neither In my opinion can succeed, while a confederal formula with two autonomous federated states within a loose central Cyprus government could well be the best outcome no matter how painful it may first appear to the Greek Cypriot side.


The warmongers only prove the extent to which some Cypriots have been misled

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