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Brexit: EU to collapse while Britain will just suffer a bout of hiccups

Britain's Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Michael Gove

Boris will have until midnight on Saturday to send the “extension letter”.

What really amazes me is that speak to any Brexiteer and they will tell you the consequences of Britain leaving the EU range from the EU losing €8 billion a year to the EU totally collapsing.

The British economy will suffer a bout of hiccups because Michael (you can trust me) Gove is telling us as Minister of a no deal Brexit, he’s covered all the angles.

So why anyone expects the EU to just roll over and accept Johnson’s half baked ideas, whatever they are is beyond me.

If it’s an existential issue for the EU and it’s an existential issue for Johnson’s extended tenancy of No 10, I too would take my chances on Johnson getting kicked out before the EU collapses.


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