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Come to Cyprus at your own peril!

Big mistake on Remainers’ part to come to Paphos.

The Brexiteers are very strong in Paphos. David Davis, a leading Brexiteer and former leadership candidate for the Tories has many supporters here.

They don’t think Boris is pro-Brexit enough and are hoping Davis will topple Boris in a snap leadership challenge and ensure a No Deal.


while 48KM looked at it from a different angle

Cyprus is small, not too many jobs going around, salaries are low and cost of living is high.

Most move to Cyprus and think as if they are going to live as if it’s an “extended holiday” or as ‘Shirley Valentine’.

After a while they realize that the real hard life kicks in and they start to moan and complain about everything wrong about Cyprus.

Move to Cyprus by all means, but don’t expect to be living like you are on holiday forever unless you are retired and have the financial means to do so.

Ps (It not always sunny and glamorous)


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