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No place for people like Georgiades in public office

File photo: Head of the Fiscal Council Demetris Georgiades (L)

The Fiscal Council only exists because such an independent financial institution is mandated by the EU.

Demetris Georgiades keeps trying to point out problems and risks and generally speak truth unto power but deputies and their parties seem to find these straightforward truths far too inconvenient so keep their ears as firmly closed as their minds.

Worryingly, the 6-year term of Georgiades runs out at the end of June. One suspects that Votsis (or whoever is then chair of the finances & budget committee) will want to find himself being asked to approve the appointment of someone with views just like his, instead of being thoroughly competent and disobligingly non-compliant like Giorgiades.

Votsis, in case we forget, is the pharmacist who showed us his true colours when he uttered the jaw-dropping line “The troika is trying to make things worse, by insisting we persecute those who owe money to the inland revenue department”.

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