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Restricting God from schools the root of our problems?

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This is just absurd. Individual religious practices should not be done in a public institution.
Our children are there to be educated in all subject. Religion might be one of them, but then it needs to be about all religion, not just the Greek Orthodox one.

Its discriminating against all other religions as it is today -if you are not orthodox, you can do your thing but the rest of the kids will do this, once again its per definition racism at its finest.

“The EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights prohibits discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, ethnic origin and religion or belief. The EU has passed detailed legislation that addresses discrimination in various areas of life. Member states are also bound to combat public incitement to violence and hatred against people of different race, colour, religion, or national or ethnic descent by means of criminal law.”


But YT has a different view on the matter

The delusional and “politically correct” theories of this elementary school teacher is a bell whether for the inevitable moral decay and decline of Cyprus society.

Restricting God from schools is at the root of all that has gone wrong with industrialized western societies. Don’t let that happen in Cyprus as well.

What still sets Cypriots apart is their belief in God, Family and Country.

These are the backbone or pillars of any sane, stable and moral culture. Like it or not. Without faith in God and what he stands for (whatever religion), without the foundation of the family unit, without the respect for and care of your home (country) society falls into chaos.

Row erupts over school prayers after teacher’s reported refusal

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