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Cronofobia on the big screen

The award-winning Swiss film Cronofobia is coming to cinemas in Nicosia and Larnaca next week as the Embassy of Switzerland participates in the ‘Settimana della lingua italiana’ (Italian Language Week) in cooperation with the Embassy of Italy.

The 2018 film won First Feature Film at last year’s Zurich Film Festival and Best Director and Screenplay at the 2019 European Film Festival Lecce. The film follows Suter and Anna, a mysterious solitary man and a young, rebellious woman, who confront each other in a psychological drama about suspended identity.

Cronofobia is the story of an encounter between these two self-imposed and out-of-time solitudes,” explains director Francesco Rizzi. “It is the story of two ‘prisoners’, strangers to each other, who struggle to find a mode of communication, to create a relationship of intimate distance.

“For me, the two main characters of this story are the embodiment of these two opposite sentiments. Suter is a sort of urban ascetic, a man constantly in motion, always changing his appearance, who owns practically nothing, not even a house for himself; a man who is only trying to forget, to escape from himself and his guilt. Then there is Anna, a woman who refuses to accept reality and lives frozen in the past, desperately clinging to a place, the immobility of memories, the objects that bring back a lost intimacy and a daily routine to her mind, but are no longer a part of her.

“The first spark for Cronofobia came to me about 10 years ago, during my personal experience in the mystery-shopping sector. The notion of being an ‘incognito inspector’ – with its small rituals, continuous travels, and creation of a new ‘script’ to become each time a different kind of customer – immediately struck me as an intriguing starting point to tell a story about suspended identities.”

And so, the film’s title makes sense – because chronophobia is a time-related form of anxiety. It is the feeling of events moving too rapidly, therefore becoming hard to fully inhabit and understand. The main characters of Cronofobia are two prisoners living outside of time, isolated in the real and mental cages they have built around themselves.

Larnaca will get a chance to catch the film first, on October 21 at Skala Theatre at 8.30pm, in cooperation with the Larnaka-Famagusta Cinema Society. Then the screening will move to the capital, as Cine Studio will host the film on October 25 in cooperation with the Friends of Cinema Society. After this screening, the Embassy of Switzerland will host a cocktail party.

Cronofobia is in Italian but the film will include English subtitles, so following the plot should be easy for all. And the best part? Entrance is free.



Swiss film screening organised by the Embassy of Switzerland and the Embassy of Italy. October 21. Skala Theatre, Larnaca. 8.30pm. October 25. Cine Studio, Nicosia. 9pm. In Italian with English subtitles. Free entrance.

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