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Napa rape claim trial is a waste of taxpayer’s money

The Isreali boys involved in the alleged rape case have all been released

The easiest thing would have been for the attorney-general to withdraw the proceedings.

This is what all those NGOs asked in their written request to him. Instead he opted to drag this case on irrespective of the overall harm done.

This is what happens what there are incompetent people with no common sense in key positions.

This girl, whether we agree with her or not, has already spent one month in jail awaiting trial; even if she is convicted she will not get a higher sentence. What a waste of taxpayers’ money…

QC..while CM F argued along more or less the same lines

How incredibly embarrassing the whole thing is turning out to be!

The Israeli boys are off home scott free while this poor girl is messed about!!!
I am ashamed!

Even if she consented the Israelis have committed a crime by putting the video on the internet so why were they not prosecuted.

This is great for our reputation as a holiday island!

Video link request delays Napa rape claim trial

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