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Poetry and printmaking

The Hambis Printmaking Museum and the Chain Foundation of Amsterdam are collaborating to present to the Cypriot public the exhibition πpπ Πoetry Printing Πroject: Printmaking and Poetry. Institutes from other European countries will take part in this programmw and the exhibition opening will be attended by teachers from Lithuania, Finland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Turkey, who will participate in a printmaking workshop in Plataneistia over the following days.

The exhibition features printmaking pieces of Fokko Dijkstra and Hambis inspired by poetry. In Printmaking and Poetry, poems from different languages of Europe are expressed with the universal language of the art of engraving. Visitors will travel, through engraving, to the poetry of Constantine P Cavafy, Nazim Hikmet (Turkey), Paul Chellan (Germany), Cypriots Vassilis Michaelides, Kyriakou Charalambides, Michalis Papiardis, Nikis Pasiardi, Niki Paul Brady (Ireland), Jonas Hallgrimsson (Iceland), Lina Pinto (Italy), M. Vasalis (Netherlands), Esteban Tabares (Spain), Eugenio Andrade and António Gedeão (Portugal).

Dijkstra is the founder of the Chain Foundation, which has been organising teacher training programmes since 2000, as well as other programmes that deal with European Cultural Heritage. He was involved in typography and during the programmes in Cyprus, he was inspired by printmaker Hambis Tsangaris in an attempt to create engravings to express the poetry.

“It was a good moment,” says Hambis “when 56 years ago Fokko Dijkstra whilst in Cyprus with the Erasmus+ programme and active with the Chain Foundation, included Hambis Printmaking Museum in his path. Since then, every year, teachers from various European countries print-make and engrave their Cypriot experiences at the Museum. With Fokko Dijkstra next to them.

“The πpπ/ppp project came naturally. In October 2018, we spent a very creative week engraving poetry in Plataneistia. We then continued to do so, one in Cyprus and the other in Holland. Our mutual goal is our combined exhibition. There is nothing people cannot do. We have proven it, enjoy the outcome.”


Poetry Printing Project: Printmaking and Poetry

Exhibition with pieces by Fokko Dijkstra and Hambis inspired by poetry. October 20-February 2. Hambis Printmaking Museum, Plataneistia. Opening hours: 10am-1pm and 4pm-6pm until October 31 and then 10am-1pm and 3pm-5pm, from Wednesday to Sunday. Tel: 25-222772

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