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Painting and sculptures with Anna Vasiliou

Artist Anna Vassiliou returns with a solo exhibition in Nicosia where she will present a new series of work and sculptures. In her paintings, Vassiliou continues to focus on the female figures involved in everyday stories. These faces are set on a pale or white background with bold patterns and colours. The bases of the compositions reflect the tiles of the old-fashioned floors with rhomboid or bar-shaped patterns.

The theme of her work revolves around reality or everyday life. She has incorporated her favourite objects and animals, at times symbolic and at times simply emotional, in the field of her artistic creation.

Anna is not interested in the actual depiction of philosophy, but in the placement of its mixed thoughts and emotions, thus producing clustered syntheses assembled with surprises. Despite the sophisticated clutter and complexity of situations in space, in a curious way, the compositions look balanced, stable and attractive.

Anna usually works with large painting crates, allowing her to move freely in the field of colour and design. Her new exhibition is her fifth solo showcase.


Paintings and Sculptures

Fifth solo exhibition by Anna Vasiliou. October 25-November 5. Apocalypse Gallery, Nicosia. Opening night 7.30pm. Tel: 22-300150


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