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Time for Turkey to understand EU’s message says Neophytou

Disy leader Averoff Neophytou

EU leaders sent a clear message to Turkey about its illegal activities in the Cyprus exclusive economic zone (EEZ), Disy leader Averoff Neophytou said on Sunday, adding that he hoped Ankara would get the message and show good will to end its “unlawful actions” and return to a dialogue.

Speaking in Limassol, he said that the world had lost its balance and the right European policies are needed “to bring rationality back into politics, to otherwise not have any political accidents”.

Asked how this affected Cyprus, he said that “the internal front is cruel on a daily basis because of the war-like announcements of parties which creates a toxic environment, all of which ignore the fact that if we want a solution [to the Cyprus problem] above all we need the goodwill of Turkey, the co-operation of the Turkish Cypriots and the restart of negotiations”.

The president, he said, is ready to respond to an invitation from the UN secretary general but “every day new, unacceptable and illegal activities are being recorded”.

He expressed the fear that not only are the results of 1974 being cemented, “we see every day new moves in the sea and in Varosha,” noting that what is needed is “national unity”.

Referring to the decision by EU leaders at their summit this week, Neophytou said “it is very important, politically, that all European leaders with one voice sent a clear message to Turkey, condemning illegal and unlawful actions, accompanied by specific EU measures”.

He said he hopes Ankara gets the message, and “shows goodwill to return to a dialogue”.

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