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Brexit shenanigans, will they ever end

Battle of Trafalgar Own work, Public Domain,

I consider today’s offering by Riza to be a bit of a topsy-turvy affair with the first part having a somewhat hardly disguised swipe at Jean-Paul Juncker’s alleged drinking habits. Hm. Johnson has often been photographed with pints of beer in his hand so perhaps they’re equally guilty of possibly being under the influence when conducting their affairs. Take the last word of the sentence in whatever way you choose in the context of Johnson’s behaviour!

Getting back to the meat of the article, Britain’s view of Europe has always been one punctuated by distance, suspicion and a liberal smattering of disdain. There’s also a feeling that whenever there’s trouble at the European mill, old Blighty always seems to get sucked into its troubles and as often as not its wars.

Britons have indeed been fortunate that the 21 miles of water separating them and the Continent, and the presence of their battle fleet, have meant that no foreign armies have tramped over their green and pleasant land, often more by luck than design: the Spanish Armada was swept away by a storm in 1588; Napoleon’s Grand Armee was called away to take on and defeat the Austrians and Russians at Austerlitz in 1805 (not forgetting Nelson’s victory at Trafalgar in the same year); Hitler had his eye on invading the Soviet Union rather than his half-hearted designs on subjugating Britain in 1940.

As for the Brexit shenanigans, will it ever end? I doubt it. Put your left foot in, left foot out, shake it all about. In or out, Britain can’t jettison Europe however hard she tries. Even if leaving the EU is completed in these coming days and weeks, I surmise that one day she will rejoin with as much fanfare as her exit.


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