Cyprus Mail

Shipping deputy ministry to upgrade cruise ships

Natasa Pilides

A plan is being implemented with the aim of upgrading cruise ships in Cyprus.

During a press conference in Limassol, Shipping Deputy Minister Natasa Pilides presented the official plan, which was approved on September 18, to reduce the environmental impact on the sea by upgrading cruise ships.

In addition to that, Pilides said that the services offered on board will also be improved.

More specifically, the shipping deputy ministry will upgrade the ships in order to enhance the safety and health conditions of crew and passengers, including people with disabilities.

The government plans to implement the plan by the end of 2022 and has allocated a budget of €3 million, €1m per year, for its completion.

Cruise ships companies that have been in the business for no less than five years and that make at least at least 60 trips per high-season (from April to November) will be able to benefit from the newly introduced plan.



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