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The Republic of Cyprus does not stand alone anymore

Former president Tassos Papadopoulos admitted that the Annan plan would be a better solution than ones that would came later

I think the ROC knows exactly what’s going on with Turkey’s invasion of Syria as does the EU and the rest of the international community. Many authoritarian and autocratic regimes have tried the same thing many times before and failed.

The path to the Cyprus solution is not by doing the easy thing and surrendering. Democracy and justice can only prevail when fair-minded people make the hard decisions because it’s the right thing to do.

Cyprus flourished and thrived for 30 years outside of the EU. So why would we expect less now that we are in the Eurozone itself? The ROC does not stand alone anymore, she speaks with the voice of the other 26 democratic member states that are also monitoring the current situation in Syria.

Greek Cypriots have always been blamed for missed opportunities. But how can you accept any opportunity the moment someone has a gun to your head and is telling you what to do? Only someone who’s naive would categorize the above situation as a way to reach a democratic, just, and workable solution. So, before any fair and normal dialogue can take place, Turkey must remove the 40,000 Turkish soldiers currently in Cyprus.

The occupied northern part of Cyprus has been an afterthought for Turkey for all these years. Turkey only has their own self-interests at heart and not the Turkish Cypriots.

The Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots will be able to determine their own future only once the guarantor powers stop meddling with the internal affairs of the ROC.

Cyprus should heed what’s happening in Syria

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