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Keys to 10 Downing Street for as many years as possible Boris’ main objective

10 Downing Street in London,REUTERS/Tom Nicholson

Prime Minister Johnson will make another attempt today to bulldoze Brexit through by the 31 October with growing signs he is making plans for an early general election what ever the result of his today’s actions in parliament.

The so called people versus parliament struggle has sufficient momentum to provide the Prime Minister with good reason not to be disappointed should today The Commons reject his proposals….yet, again.

For Boris Johnson the important matter at stake is whether he can win the next general election remaining as prime minister knowing well that he embraced Brexit only after the result of the 2016 referendum.

Never underestimate the willingness of a power hungry politician to use a popular device (Brexit) to win the popular vote providing him with his ultimate objective, the keys to 10 Downing Street for another four years, or even longer.

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