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Green deputy responds to CM editorial

Greens MP Giorgos Perdikis had described the present submissions as a mickery

It seems that the editing committee has decided to continue its uncalled for attack against the Green Party. “Rationality is always a casualty of the type of cheap populism used by Girogos Perdikis and his sidekicks”.

Well I suppose as the Deputy President of the Green Party I am considered one of his sidekicks. And the day that it will be ok for 6 grown men to pin down an old man and consfiscate his cellphone because he was squatting is the day I resign from politics.

No one should be able to use force against another man. There was no police presence, no official capacity.

Just a bunch of goons that also cut down a carob tree in the process. Next time you want to continue with your tirade against us at least have the courtesy to offer all the information provided. And when that area of natural beauty is handed over to a developer to build up, I wonder if you’ll realise why we’re apprehensive of what lies ahead.


V replies to EX

I think Mr Perdikis should have pointed out the unnecessary violence in this case, but at the same time highlighted the fact that this man and many others used the area illegally for many years and made it an ugly eyesore in an area of natural beauty. The removal of these squatters was long overdue.

This area, unfortunately, is now under threat to be developed by investors which will turn Neo Chorio into an even uglier eyesore. Here I fully support you and the Green Party in your effort to highlight the destruction of yet another beautiful area of Cyprus.

We do need a Green Party in Cyprus, since the environmental awareness is still very low in our society.

Unfortunately, your President Mr Perdikis has during the years turned his political energy more on subjects not relating to our environment and the climate change.

In the case of the Cyprus problem, which is an issue he prefer to feature rather than green issues , his position is unfortunately in line with hard core nationalists like Papadopoulos, Lillikas and Theocharous.

Politically, hard core nationalism, is not in agreement with other Green Parties in Europe.

His ridiculed stand regarding chemtrails is another issue which doesn’t give him much credit among environmentalists.

Having said all this, I firmly believe in a Green Party in Cyprus. It’s a must.

My belief though is that Mr Perdikis has occupied his Chair by far too long, a habit quite common in Cyprus.

Power sometimes has a tendency to corrupt politicians, not necessary financially, but more in their mind.

A change of leadership in your party is a long overdue necessity. I believe a new leadership will inject new ideas and a new vitality, that will help you grow beyond your present size.

I would like to see you as a President of the Green Party, not only because of your ability, but we also need more women in leading positions in Cyprus. Mr Theopemptou is also a person I respect and should be part of the new leadership.

I wish you all the best and support for a sustainable and green future.


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