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Repairing urban spaces

What is the role of a human being against the flow of time, and thus also against the natural fluidity of the environment? This is the rather thorny question posed by Kyriaki Costa’s upcoming art exhibition. Known as the Innovative Flow Solutions / Head and Hand series, the exhibition is set to open next month, on November 2 at Phytorio, and will run for four weeks.

The ‘Head and Hand’ project could be described as a study on the maintenance and re-definition of space. Kyriaki Costa points out details in the urban environment of Cyprus which need restoration – and then actually repairs them, with the help of a group of technicians. With the main source of inspiration being the deterioration (both natural and man-made) of urban space, the artist asks the technicians to take care of the object that is under “study” in any way they want and, in that fashion, tries to bring to the surface a more personal view on what it means to interact with your surroundings.

The initial idea for this exhibition came about through observing the corrosion of the stone wall of Phytorio, which was built by Neoptolemos Michaelides. The (unsuccessful) attempt to maintain it led the artist to the “building” of an interactive artistic action.

Specifically, the interest of the artist turns to observing the craftsmen, those technicians acting in public, structured environments. The overall aim of ‘Head and Hand’ is to deal with the space, the feeling it engenders, its re-incorporation into the contemporary environment and how, through the repair of the place in question, the urban space is redefined and interrogated.

The exhibition takes place within the framework of the platform known as ‘A Climate Challenge’, a research programme that explores the ways in which Art sensitises, and is sensitised by, contemporary environmental issues. The programme is organised by the Visual Artists Association Cyprus/EI.KA – Phytorio. The platform kicked off with workshops, open to the public, as well as the artist-in-residence programme. All events are based on the suggestions and research gathered through the association’s open call for the platform.


Innovative Flow Solutions / Head and Hand series

Exhibition by Kyriaki Costa. The project is the result of years of wandering in the cities of Cyprus and repairing small, destroyed details of the urban environment. November 2-29. Phytorio, Nicosia. Tuesday and Saturday: 11am-3pm, Wednesday-Thursday-Friday: 4pm-8pm

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