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New Eleftheria Square fountains mocked following benches ridicule

Six drinking fountains set to be placed in Eleftheria Square have caused a new stir among the public, drawing comments from the Nicosia municipality on Friday, almost a week after the new benches were revealed and mocked on social media for their oblong shape.

The fountains, according to reports, were designed in Italy as it was impossible to make them in a single uniform piece in Cyprus.  They were recently brought to the island and passed through customs.

The company in charge of the construction works in the square released images of the fountains on social media, and users have since begun commenting on their appearance, saying they look like ‘an outer space bidet’.  One person also said the fountains are just ‘asking for someone to pee in them.’

Since the comments were made, the municipality has posted pictures of the square on its social media, calling on people to remember what the square used to look like, and that the new designs were better.

Link to municipality Facebook:

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