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Eros Ramazzotti live in Limassol

It seems that Cyprus is gaining popularity with international music stars as all-time Canadian singer Celine Dion announced her concert on the island next summer. But she’s not the only singer topping international charts to perform in Cyprus. Italian artist Eros Ramazzotti with his captivating voice is heading to Limassol for a concert on November 7.

Involved in the music industry for the last three decades, Ramazzotti’s songs have travelled the globe. Most are in Italian yet every now and again he collaborates with other well-known artists such as Cher, Anastasia and Joe Cocker. So, whether you’re an Italian speaker or not, you are bound to have sung along to some of his songs.

Similar to Celine Dion, Eros includes Cyprus in his world tour. He’s travelling across five continents to perform live. His new world tour started in February 2019 from Munich and is crossing through dozens of major European countries. In the summer it reached North and South America and additional dates are expected to be added this autumn to Europe.

November 7 at Spyros Kyprianou Athletic Centre, Limassol will fill with Eros’ best-known hits. Think Parla Con Me, Adesso tu, Cannot Stop Thinking of You, L’aurora, Più chelo pua and dozens of others. Besides his classic hits, the Italian megastar is releasing a new album this November titled Vita Ce N’e, and it’s possible that Eros will share snippets from his new work in the concert.

With just two and half weeks to go until the concert, tickets are selling out fast, so if you want to be part of the show, book your spot soon. Tickets can be purchased through and various categories are available. Prices range from €350, the Platinum VIP zone, down to €49 which is the second standing zone – though these ones are expected to sell out first. The next affordable price range is the €69-89 band. To see all available prices and seats, visit the website.


Eros Ramazzotti

International Italian megastar to perform live in a concert. Part of this current world tour. November 7. Spyros Kyprianou Athletic Centre, Limassol.

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