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Undeniably and simply shameful

The latest photographs from the building at the entrance to Tala point up the quite scandalous situation which STILL faces several thousand people waiting for a start to be made on the dangerous building which is causing such  huge inconvenience for those of us who live the “wrong” side of this ugly structure.

The District Officer has asked the Kamares Village Housing Association (KVHA) not to write to her any more since when she has something to tell us she will be in touch.
This is all very well, but we have been patient for 20 years, and over that entire period no official movement has been made to alleviate our concern – and we remain in limbo.

The road was closed on April 6 and had any urgency been exhibited we would not be hearing about the possibility of the task not being completed now until the New Year. . .

The  issue is nothing short of a dismal failure of administrative competence going back many years, and no amount of hand wringing and requests not to press the authorities for information excuses the lame and all too obvious shortcomings  of successive ministers and other officials.

It really is a gigantic cop-out which has been, and remains, entirely the responsibility of our civic leaders who one fears give the overwhelming impression of caring not a jot about local people’s fears, concerns, convenience, safety, or wellbeing.

There is no evidence of urgency, no obvious commitment, no sense of community caring and nobody willing to stand up and be counted.

It is undeniably and simply shameful.

Clive Turner, Paphos

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