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Was 2017 just a one-off sprucing up?

It was pleasing during the celebratory year of 2017 when Paphos was the European City of Culture, to see Paphos area councils planting flower beds and erecting sculptures. The town was spruced up and decorated as part of the celebrations and several kerbside plots were upgraded.

I wonder why the very same councils have done so little since to maintain those areas they so lovingly planted out in 2017? The flower beds are sadly neglected and overgrown with weeds, full of the ubiquitous rubbish that people seem so eager to throw everywhere and many of the sculptures have been sprayed with graffiti. How sad that the people of Paphos, and indeed the councils themselves, care so little about this wonderful town.

Is it really beyond the councils to task their workers to clear the weeds sometimes, maintain the garden plants and clear areas to keep them tidy and attractive? Why bother to water these very same flowerbeds at all when the flowers and plants are hidden away behind garbage and weeds? It seems so obvious that new gardens would need regular attention to keep them in the condition they once were when established.

Although there is much good work continuing with building renovations in the centre of town, these little green areas have been forgotten. Or was 2017 just a one off  ‘Let’s clean up just this once” – occasion?’


Sue Button, via email

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