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Not everyone is looking for a hard partying place like Ayia Napa

This article clearly highlights what many Cypriots and ex-pats have known and been saying for a long time.

If we leave aside those citizens who get terribly offended that anyone should have the audacity to criticize anything in Cyprus and move elsewhere if they want things to improve, we are left with a mass of people who understand that tourism needs to be future proofed.

A quality product the customers enjoy, want to repeat and encourage friends of like mind to experience could be a good start. Whilst there will no doubt continue to be a place for ‘hard partying’ like Ayia Napa it is not for everyone and anyway similar holiday experiences are available in many places globally for the fickle tourist group that looks for such.

Improve the product on offer in other areas of Cyprus: genuine warmth and hospitality, comfortable seating and space, clean and tidy premises and surrounds, no unsightly rubbish piles, no broken pavements with cars abandoned anywhere, quality efficient service etc.

Of course such changes require government contributions, attitudinal shift of service providers from ‘grab the dosh and go’, as well as the Cypriot citizenry in the towns who see tourists as a necessary evil to realize, much as many of the citizens in mountain villages do, that they are the life blood of the island.

Ah well one can but dream.


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