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Odysseas, hero or villain?

Auditor-general Odysseas Michaelides

When in his first years the targets were cleared and people saw people going to prison everybody (?) liked him.

After that he looked into cases that are more complicated.These cases are not going to result in worthwhile cases in court.But they are cases where corruption and nepotism were obvious.That was popular too.

The problems started when he targeted privileged groups – teachers, public workers etc- and all these people suddenly started thinking that he was overdoing it. He was overdoing by daring to touch the “ untouchables”!
He is a human with faults like everybody.

The one thing that annoys his “ enemies” -and now they are many- is that despite their “best” efforts they failed to find any worthwhile skeletons in his cupboard .

Ministers tried, newspapers tried, crooks tried ..but to no avail.

And the more they fail to pin him down the more they loose their rag…


QC though has a different take on the AG

My dearest friend, Michaelides has lost all his credibility for obvious reasons which are totally unrelated to the fact that he has “targeted privileged groups” as you allege.

I think that your admiration for the person prevents you from seeing the obvious: Did you see any results on the investigation on the use of the Saudi Arabian private jet? Of course not! (in spite of all your efforts to say the opposite last time I saw you around).

Rest assured that a lot of skeletons will jump outside the cupboard when his patron vacates office.

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