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Anyone who turns up with oodles of cash should automatically raise a few eyebrows

Del Boy (L) with Trigger in the 1980's sitcom 'Only Fools and Horses'

They are saying that Low wasn’t wanted for anything when they issued his passport, but anyone who turns up with oodles of cash looking to buy a passport should automatically raise a few eyebrows with any honest individual.

I’m reminded of a classic scene from 1980’s sitcom ‘Only fools and horses’ when Trigger turned up with a pile of stolen briefcases to sell to Del Boy.

Del Boy asks “Are the police looking for these?”

Trigger replies ” I promise they aren’t looking for them”

Del asks “So why are you hiding them under the table”

“Because you never know when they are going to start looking for them ” replies Trigger

There was obviously something fishy in the Low case but the chance of prising a pile of cash out of him was too great a temptation for the Cypriot authorities.

The amount of money Low and his cohorts have stolen from Malaysia beggars belief and Cyprus should be ashamed of its association with him. Someone who turns up with loads of money looking for a passport is probably the LAST person you should be contemplating doing business with- not fast tracking the whole process for him.


Cabinet convenes to discuss revocation of citizenships

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