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Packaging recycling company says collecting single-use plastic is not its job

Waste collection company Green Dot Cyprus (GDC) has published a post on Facebook urging the public to stop disposing of single-use plastics in its rubbish recycling bags, raising questions over how to get rid of items like plastic bags and straws.

The non-profit company says it collects only PMD packaging – plastic bottles, metal packaging and drink cartons – and cannot deal with single-use plastics.

Single-use plastics are used only once before they are thrown away or recycled. These items include products such as plastic bags, straws, coffee stirrers, disposable wipes and balloons, among many others.

Although some single use plastics can be recycled, the majority falls into the category of non-recyclable items.

The posts GDC published on Facebook said that only plastic packages, such as water and shampoo bottles, as well as containers for food products like yoghurt or butter can be placed in PMD bags, after they have been thoroughly rinsed.

“We are asking the public to stop placing most of single-use plastic items in PMD bags in order not to contaminate the consequent process of sorting out the rubbish,” Christodoulos Manoli, a manager at GDC told the Cyprus Mail on Wednesday.

“GDC only collects packaging material and most single-use plastics do not belong to this category.”

Manoli stressed the importance of understanding GDC’s purpose, which is to collect packaging waste. Discarding the additional rubbish found in the packaging waste the company collects is a long and tedious procedure, which can ultimately contaminate the entire process GDC is striving for, he said.

“The post we published wants to make it clear to the public about what is it that we do, it’s the municipalities’ responsibility to collect single-use plastic rubbish that does not fall into our line of business.”

Manoli said GDC has not yet been in touch with any municipality in Cyprus yet.

GDC was established as an umbrella organisation for packaging disposing companies. Its shareholders include packaging distributors and manufacturers

According to a study published by Eurostat, Cyprus is registering an upward trend as far as plastic packaging recycling is concerned.

Latest figures, relating to the year 2017, estimate that 62 per cent of plastic packaging waste was recycled in Cyprus.


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