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Ridiculous charges will cost me €140 a year to pay bills

I have worked out that the annual cost to me (regarding the bank charges)  for paying utility bills alone will be €140.

Either pay, or trail round to the various utility offices and pay in person (and imagine the queues if everyone does this).

This is excluding charges for a cheque book, Visa card, and over the counter withdrawals. The latter banks tell me are not necessary as one can withdraw up to E2k from atms – out in the street, unguarded, open to mugging!

The banks say they are in financial difficulty. This is mainly down to non-performing loans, which they were stupid enough to hand out, but demand we ALL assist in repaying!

Perhaps they should do as other countries’ banks and arrange for the utility companies to pay them for facilitating payments?

Whatever – the Greek government has already put a stop to such bank policies by passing laws banning such ridiculous charges.


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