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A different view of Cypriot music

The continuous effort for music creation and cultural offerings from Cyprus is what gave birth to the creation of Quintus Ensemble, as its members explain. A group of five professional young musicians, having the inner need for musical coexistence, created this ensemble with Savvas Christodoulou as the key guide and inspiration for the wind quintet.

The band is comprised of Christodoulou on flute, Natalie Neofytou on oboe, Christiana Antonoudiou on clarinet, Anita Scoutela on French horn and Evangelos Christodoulou on fagotto.

Through their on-going presence, the ensemble performs original orchestrations of widely-known musical compositions aimed at bringing these highly audiovisual sounds closer to the general public, always with the main focus on the cultural promotion of the island.

In the context of this endeavor and in the aftermath of the fruitful collaboration created with CyBC through successful performances, the musical Quintus Ensemble renews this musical appointment at the RIK Archive events hall. This time on November 15, with the music performance titled Cypriot Music Otherwise, based on the rich and tireless musical traditions of Cyprus.


Quintus Ensemble

Live performance by five-member ensemble chronicling the music traditions of Cyprus. November 15. RIK Theatre Andreas Christofide. 8pm. €10. Tel: 99-855009

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