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Get involved in transnational project exploring colonial heritage

Xarkis non-profit cultural organisation, which has been organising the Xarkis Festival for the past seven years, is participating as a partner in the European cultural programme Contested Desires. The programme, within which cultural organisations and artists from six countries (Spain, Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, UK and Barbados) are collaborating has been selected as a transnational project in the last round of Creative Europe award 2019 of the European Union.

The organisation is now inviting artists to apply for Contested Desires, a transnational project exploring shared and contested Colonial heritage and its influence on contemporary culture. The project is a transnational capacity building programme for artists and producers engaging with communities and heritage spaces. With a focus on exchange and learning, the programme will offer unique opportunities for artists and communities to explore shared heritage through research, workshops, residencies and exhibitions.

Working in the UK, Portugal, Cyprus, Spain and Barbados, Contested Desires will dig deep to explore, and reveal the links between colonising ancestors and cultural identities today.

“At a time of increasing right-wing populism,” says Xarkis, “Contested Desires aims to challenge the de-stabilising and divisive impact of political landscapes of Europe and beyond, where the response to the complexities, diversity and expansion of our communities continues to be met with the power play of fear-mongering, discrimination and exclusion; where our borders become our protectors and our heritage our place of sanctuary.”

The project will engage nine exceptional artists (from the UK, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and the Caribbean) to participate in this ambitious and collaborative project from January 2020 until September 2021. In Cyprus, two artists will be selected to join.

Working closely with producers, cultural experts and communities across a variety of local contexts, each artist from Cyprus will have the opportunity to be part of a programme of interrelated activities across several partner countries including research, training, symposia and the production and presentation of new work in site-specific contexts and online.

The participating artists will attend a one-month residency abroad that will conclude with an exhibition, three capacity-building workshops, one digital training lab in the UK, an online presentation including the participation in a digital lab and a group residency and final exhibition of work in site-specific settings as part of the Xarkis Festival in 2021.

Each artist must be available to participate in and commit to all activities of the programme. The selected two artists from Cyprus will participate in either the joint residency in Lagos, Portugal, or in Barcelona, Spain, or in Newcastle, and a final joint residency in Cyprus.

The open call is on until November 18. To apply, complete an application form by emailing [email protected].


Contested Desires

Open call for artists in Cyprus to be part of a project with Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Portugal, UK and Barbados. Deadline: November 18, 6pm. [email protected]

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