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Revoking a citizenship is a very serious violation of ones basic human rights

This will open all sorts of cans of worms

I believe the biggest purchasers of passports are Russian and Chinese ? China does not allow dual citizenship, Russia does but only if you inform the Russian authorities that you are doing so (a few squeaky bums there perhaps and an explanation of the secrecy involved in selling them).

If any sort of due diligence was applied, Cyprus would not have sold any passports to any citizen of either of those countries without first consulting the governments of those countries.

Malaysia does not allow dual citizenship either, so giving this guy Low a passport means that the authorities didn’t do the slightest background check whatsoever or they would have known that they could not “legally” make him a Cyprus citizen !!!!!

The entire scheme is rooted in criminality


V also has doubts about the governments ability to revoke licenses. 

Another twist to this public embarrassment which has turned out to be a national scandal.

It’s now the democratic obligation of our Government to put all cards on the table and give a thoroughly and detailed explanation on all aspects of this shortsighted and ill-advised scheme. And total transparency is of course a must.

Further, don’t be surprised if one or more of the 26 persons will take their case to the International Court of Human Rights (and probably win).

To revoke a citizenship is a very serious violation of any citizens’ human rights.

Cyprus to strip 26 citizenships after uproar over passports (Updated)

Rank Countries That Don’t Recognize Dual Citizenship
1 Andorra
2 Azerbaijan
3 Bahamas
4 Bahrain
5 Belarus
6 Botswana
7 Bhutan
8 China
9 Cuba
10 Congo
11 Djibouti
12 Ethiopia
13 Haiti
14 India
15 Indonesia
16 Iran
17 Japan
18 Kazakhstan
19 Kuwait
20 Kyrgyzstan
21 Laos
22 Macau
23 Malaysia
24 Marshall Islands
25 Micronesia
26 Monaco
27 Mongolia
28 Mozambique
29 Myanmar
30 Nepal
31 North Korea
32 Oman
33 Papua New Guinea
34 Qatar
35 San Marino
36 Saudi Arabia
37 Singapore
38 Slovakia
39 Solomon Islands
40 Swaziland
41 Tajikistan
42 Thailand
43 Tonga
44 Turkmenistan
45 Ukraine
46 Uzbekistan
47 United Arab Emirates
48 Venezuela
49 Vietnam
50 Yemen
51 Zimbabwe

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