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Student body calls on high school kids to walk out of class (updated)

Student body Psem is calling on high school kids to walk out of lessons on Tuesday in protest over the introduction of four-monthly exams.

The idea of four-monthly exams increases the stress on students, and Psem has been warning since 2016 of the catastrophic effects such a move will have.

There will not be time to cover all the material on the syllabus with the introduction of these new exams, and student evaluation will revolve around preparation for these exams, meaning non-exam subjects will become meaningless, they add.

The four monthly exams will be introduced for students currently in the first grade of lyceum only, those in other grades will continue with the once yearly exams.

The first four-monthly exams are expected to take place from December 9 to December 19.

When a system is based around exams, holding them every four months clearly increases the pressure, the stress and the race for students to cover all the material, Psem said. Both we and the teachers warned of the consequences from last year.

For one year, the students said the ministry has invited them for a ‘dialogue’ but has merely told them that the law about the exams cannot be changed despite their appeals. “They have never taken our opinions into account, the dialogue has become a fiasco,” they added.

As a first measure, Psem is calling on all students to walk out of classes on Tuesday for periods three and four of the school day. If the ministry of education does not submit to the House a change in the law and the abolition of four-monthly exams we will step up measures in November and December, Psem said.

The education ministry reportedly announced last week that students who refuse to take the exams will fail and have to take the exams in September next year.

On Monday lykeio teachers are set to take part in a vote over wether or not to go on strike over the measures.

Last week Psem called on them to strike during the exam period.

The minister of education has warned the teachers there will be no further discussions on the issue or delays to introducing it.

All school students will be off on Wednesday to mark the Archbishop’s name day. A group of teachers has called for others to join them to protest giving the day as a school holiday on a march on Wednesday morning from the Archbishopric to the House.

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