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Residents welcome new fly-tipping meaures

One of the very few times all CM commenters agreed on a subject!

This is very welcoming news! Very recently I had a huge quarrel with our Municipality since some idiots had dumped sofas in front of the building.

Eventually I understood that the winners of this whole thing  where those who damped their stuff.

The municipality has to clean up thus suffering financial damage while we (residents) see this eyesore everyday.


One of my neighbours dumped a mattress on the pavement, a week later it was joined by a sofa!

It took the municipality a month to get their act together and numerous calls from us to get them removed.

It’s an eyesore and a health hazard. Hefty fines and enforcement are exactly what’s needed.


Hope they enforce this…really makes me sad when I see rubbish dumped around the Larnaca salt lake


Fines of up to €4,000 as ministry appoints fly-tipping ‘police’

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