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Trump’s impeachment process reminds one of the Salem Witch trials

A witchcraft trial at Salem village

“Impeachment is as much a political act as it is a legal one,”  correct.

In the current case against President Trump, it’s entirely political. No crime has been identified, but the Dems are toiling to discover/extrapolate one through their hearings. i.e. they are working backwards.

You would think that identifying the crime would come first, not to mention the disregard for due process – closed hearings etc.

Just like the impeachment process against Clinton – and I have no love for the Clinton syndicate – the current process is a frivolous one.

Even the author admits that efforts to dethrone Trump began before he took office, speaks volumes.

UkraineGate is clearly a cover for the machinations undertaken by the Dems during RussiaGate – the other debunked conspiracy theory.

It’s a Salem witch trial, a circus starring leftie clowns, which will fall flat on its face. It does make for good television though!


Why it’s so hard to impeach a president

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