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Vast majority are against a two state solution

Movement across the checkpoints has been suspended

I believe both the spirit and the results of the European Social Survey (ESS) released on Monday are misrepresented here.

As I was the one who presented the findings today with Dr Marios Vryonides today I was expecting that Cyprus Mail would convey at least some of my comments at the Press conference.

For example that I noted that those who support BBF either as a good solution or as the second best (compromise) are actually increasing in the last two years and that they are now totaling 65%.

In case of a referendum you expect those who state “neither against nor in favour but would accept it if necessary” to actually support BBF in their majority.

The headline could in fact be “The vast majority, 72.4 per cent are against a two state solution” which would still be an important finding given the rumors some people circulate on purpose that “GCs now support a two state solution” and it would be debunking a big myth.

Important Note: ESS is considered the most reliable social research in the world.


More GCs against a BBF than for it, undecideds hold small majority  

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