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Is the UK (Boris?) in favour or opposed to globalisation?

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Just about the most predicable reaction to Brexit as you can imagine.

The EU has massive problems of its own- it has a dysfunctional currency, uncontrolled borders and rising Euroscepticism across the entire project and is incapable of tackling any of them, preferring to gloss them over or kick the can further down the road.

There is not one population of any EU country that wants a single EU super state, but that is what Tusk, his cronies and many domestic politicians continue to ram down their throats.

Tusk seems to forget that the UK is leaving the EU- it is the EU that is no longer intact or as effective once that happens.

Britain is leaving because we do not want to be part of that super state and want some sort of control over our own borders (and there are a lot of other EU electorates who would like exactly the same)


Funny how the critics of Tusk’s speech haven’t bothered to provide a shred of evidence to refute what he says relying on populist hyperbole, cliches and wishful thinking to put their point across.

Britain is global through its EU membership and the complex trade agreements associated with that membership. Many voters in the UK voted against EU membership because they are against globalization. And here we have Johnson promising even more globalization.

There’s just so much nonsense Brexiteers can put out before people start to wake up that they have been taken for a ride


Britain to become ‘second rate’ in the world after Brexit, says Tusk

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