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Ministry incorrectly shifting blame for Green Line regualtion

Nicosia's Green Line

The Green line regulation stipulates that the Republic of Cyprus must perform an identity control on each person crossing the line (note the “whole line” and thus not only crossings). The regulation also stipulates that the person crossing must have proper visa documentation as per article 2, 1 (a) “possess either a residence permit issued by the Republic of Cyprus or a valid travel document and, if required, a valid visa for the Republic of Cyprus”.

The minister, according to the article, appears to have explained to the parliamentary committee that there was a problem with irregular migrants, mostly from African countries, arriving from Ankara by air and then entering the government controlled areas crossing the line.

So one can ask on what grounds, and why the irregular migrants are welcomed by the Republic of Cyprus to enter the government controlled areas in this way.

It is unlikely these persons would possess the required visa documentation upon entry and as third country nationals having arrived to an illegal entry point, should they not be refused when attempting to cross the line?

It seems as a rhetorical game by the authorities in order to divert responsibility from itself and instead point a finger at the Green line regulation.


Government seeking to change Green Line rules to halt migrant flow from north

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