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Turkish Cypriots will never become second class citizens in the EU

There are more than 2 million Turks living in Germany

The targeted EU measures against Turkey are a result, and in response to, Turkey’s continued illegal violations of the ROC’s EEZ and their gunboat diplomacy.

The ROC became a full member state of the EU and was accepted as a whole, including its EEZ, in 2004.

The approach taken by the High Representative of EU Foreign Policy – Ms. Mogherini, is well balanced, calm, and measured. It was necessary because in violating the ROC’s EEZ, Turkey was in essence violating the EU’s EEZ.

There are those that have reservations that the TCs will become second class citizens in the EU but that is incorrect. At this moment, there are more than 20 million Muslims in the EU (4% of the population). In Germany alone there are more than 2 million Turkish citizens.

They all have the same freedoms and privileges as any other EU citizen. They can work and prosper, raise their families peacefully, and enjoy the same opportunities that every other EU citizen has.

Contrary to the above, it is the TCs living in the north now, that feel like second class citizens compared to Turkish citizens from the mainland.


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