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Frappe and croissant please, I need to smuggle some drugs

A man visiting his relative who was behind bars in Paphos police cells tried smuggling cannabis to him in a croissant, it emerged on Friday.

The 28-year-old visited his relative on Wednesday under the pretext of bringing him food and clothing. After further inspection, the police found two bags in the croissant containing a small amount of cannabis.

The 25-year-old was being held on suspicion of breaking into a house and stealing €12,000.

Using food and drink to smuggle drugs to inmates is not new. In August a woman attempted to smuggle 52g of cocaine to a 36-year-old man being held in custody during his court appearance in Paphos.

According to authorities the woman went to the court and ordered a frappe for the man. She ordered the coffee from the court canteen and asked that it be delivered to him. During an examination of the coffee, police found four packets containing the cocaine.

Food and drink appear to favoured methods of smuggling drugs.

But in 2016 a prison officer was jailed by the Nicosia court after being caught trying to smuggle drugs on his person into the central prisons.

Nicosia district court passed a 15-month sentence on the 37-year-old who was suspended from his duties after being caught with almost half a kilo of synthetic cannabis, called ‘Dream’ strapped to his body.

Drug squad officers found 430 grammes of the synthetic cannabis in two packages, one stuck with tape to his abdomen and the other between his legs.

While Cyprus does have its offbeat cases of drugs smuggling, perhaps the most creative occurred in 2017 when Argentinian officers in La Pampa shot down a carrier pigeon which was attempting to drop 7.5 grammes of cannabis as it flew over a prison.


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