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Official Visit of the Shipping Deputy Minister to the President in Egypt

Deputy Minister for Shipping, Natasa Pilidou (CNA)

Shipping Deputy Minister to the President, Ms. Natasa Pilides, invited by the Arabic Association to address the 32nd meeting of Transport Minister’s Council of Arabic Association countries, visited Alexandria, Egypt on 12 and 13 of November 2019.

In her speech, Ms. Natasa Pilides referred to the historic and friendly relationships between Cyprus and the Arabic Association’s countries, which are based on trust, common challenges and of course common interests, underling the opportunities for further enhancement of cooperation especially in the maritime transport sector. Subsequently, she presented Cyprus’ positioning in terms of the global maritime sustainability, calling the Arabic Association’s States for common actions based on the increase of sustainable maritime transport sector.

As part of her visit, the Shipping Deputy Minister met with the Minister of Transport of Egypt, the Assistant Secretary General of the Arabic Association, the Governor of Alexandria and the President of the Arabic Academy of Science, Technology and Maritime, with whom they discussed issues of mutual interest and prospects for further enhance of cooperation.

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