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Tatar speaks the way he does because Turkey has 40,000 troops in Cyprus

An aerial view of Varosha's famous sandy beach

Yet another outburst of exasperating rubbish from someone in the north towards owners of much of Famagusta, simply banding rubbish around to frustrate a solution, playing to Erdogans fiddle. Tatar speaks the way he does because Turkey has 40,000 troops in Cyprus.

He is just doing what Turkey tells him what to say and do and collect his pay cheque from Turkey every month for work done.
If Famagusta was to open then this is to make way for thousands of more unwanted Turkish citizens to be settled in Famagusta.

Erdogan has a very busy schedule at the moment, travelling the globe sucking up to Putin and Trump, invasion of Syria, supplying Libya and Somalia with weapons, occupying Cyprus ,invading EU Cyprus EEZ, interfering in the middle east, travelling to the EU with his usual begging bowl ect.

Erdogan has come to dislike Akinci preferring enter “Tatar” to continue frustrating the Cyprus situation in conjunction with Turkeys foreign minister’s recent outburst. Turkey has no intention of having a five way meeting.



Tatar says aim is to open Varosha by end of 2020

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