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Demo protests arsons in the Akamas

Hundreds of protesters took the streets on Saturday demanding justice over the arson attacks in the Akamas this week.

Demonstrators first gathered outside of agriculture ministry, where they hung some fabric banners reading ‘Your crocodile tears are not enough to put out the flames you set at Akamas’ and ‘Save Akamas’.

They also spilled charcoal outside the door of the ministry to reflect the burned forest. From there, protesters walked to the beginning of Athalassas avenue, where, with the help of police, they closed both lanes of traffic for a few minutes screaming slogans such as ‘Akamas belongs to our children’ and ‘Hands off Akamas’.

Returning to the agriculture ministry, a member of Save Akamas/Save Cyprus gave a small speech explaining the reason of the protest: “Throughout the years there have been more than 80 fires in Akamas caused by arson attacks while the authorities remained passive.

“We had to reach to Wednesday’s blazes which destroyed 70 hectares of Akamas forest, which means 700,000 square metres, or… a golf field, for the government to wake up,” he said.

The protest, which lasted a couple of hours, ended on a high note with people making their messages clear by writing them in chalk on the pavement and the street outside the ministry.

Youth for Climate and Friends of the Earth members also participated in the protest.

In the meantime, Akamas Community Action has expressed their deep sorrow for the spate of arsons in the area and said they would help authorities in every way they can to locate perpetrators.

The group, which is comprised of the communities of the Akamas peninsula called for the “exemplary punishment” of those responsible for these “criminal acts”.


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