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Upcoming TEDx event promises to be an Unbelievable day

There’s so much going on these days that it’s difficult not to focus on the bad news and lose hope in where the world is going. So, when events oozing inspiration and motivational speeches by empowering and influential individuals come along, they act as a breath of fresh air, the mental medicine needed.

TEDx events have been taking place in Cyprus for several years. And on November 30, the time has come once more for the Nicosia public to get its dose of inspiration as the University of Nicosia, supported by the Bank of Cyprus, is hosting its latest TEDx event.

“We live in an era of amazement. From advanced technological disruption to the stories shared of the sheer will of ordinary people achieving extraordinary feats. Life today is simply unbelievable,” say the organisers.

“At TEDxUniversityofNicosia we feel there are two categories of unbelievable: the inspiring and the discouraging. While news media more often concentrate on the discouraging, this year’s TEDxUniversityofNicosia wishes to share both, but mainly, those inspiring, unbelievable stories that enrich societies.”

Eleven speakers and four performers will take the stage to share their concept of ‘unbelievable’. By doing so TEDxUniversityofNicosia hopes to play its part in spreading a feeling of astonishment.

The Bank of Cyprus, by supporting the event for the fifth time in a row, wants to help the promotion of new ideas in the country. “The Bank of Cyprus’ support at TEDx University of Nicosia is made in the context of the Bank’s broader Corporate Social Responsibility strategy to cultivate, enhance and broaden the horizons of its new potential customers. a country fueling them with impulses, ideas, perceptions that are at the forefront of thought, science and art,” said CSR Coordinator of the Bank of Cyprus Elli Ioannidou.

Happening at Filoxenia Conference Centre, the day will begin at 9am and will continue to serve shots of inspiration until 5pm, with three interval breaks. Nicholas Nicoli, Curator of TEDx University of Nicosia also commented on the importance of the event: “TEDx is an event held in thousands of cities, promoting ideas that are worth spreading, thinking and suggestions, images and stories given by the best scientists and people. Events like TEDx are proud of both the cities that host them and the organisations that support them. The TEDx University of Nicosia is such an event, which aims to become the core of new ideas in the capital and is designed to be the city’s landmark.”

If you’re interested in looking at things from a new perspective, there are tickets available at with all the information on the topic, guests and activities.



A TEDxUniversity of Nicosia event with 11 speakers and 4 performers on the topic of ‘unbelievable’. November 30. Filoxenia Conference Centre, Nicosia. 9am-5pm.


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