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Video enabled smart in-car companion beats dashcams on benefits

A video-enabled device called Theo is now available, with a complete package of support services for motorists

Connectivity in cars could prevent 25,000 serious accidents in the coming decade and save 2,500 lives – but motorists don’t have to wait. A video-enabled device called Theo is now available, with a complete package of support services for motorists, using a combination of technology that is not yet available in some of the newest cars on the road.

Created by Mike Brockman, one of the UK’s pioneers in road safety technology, Theo works completely in the interests of the driver, responding to the increasing demand from motorists for fairer treatment from insurers which has contributed to dashcam sales in the past few years.

Unlike any dashcam, every Theo device features a HD video camera, two-way Amazon Lex integrated speaker, telematics for tracking, impact detector for crashes and its own internal 4G sim card which is connected to the Cloud and gives drivers access to an array of services.
Theo will also warn drivers if they get too close to the car in front. The services are available on subscription for £4.99 per month, but new customers can gain access completely free for the first three months.

“Theo is set to give motorists greater control over their safety as well as their insurance claims and costs. They will even be rewarded for safe driving, with anything from a free car wash to free gig tickets”.

In the event of a collision, a series of events is triggered: video footage and telematics data is sent in real time to the Theo Accident Assistance Centre; Theo will speak to the driver to check if they are ok and alert emergency services if necessary.

Then, following the initial support, the Theo team will work to achieve the best outcome in respect of an insurance claim, using the Theo data combined with their own expertise. This applies whether the driver was at fault or not, putting them in greater control of how to move forward following a collision.

The Theo App displays all driving trips and journeys and after every 100 miles a score is given on how well the car has been driven. At the moment, the App also offers access to cheaper insurance through Freedom Insurance Brokers, “with more coming onboard soon”.

It’s hoped that in time this service will expand so that drivers are rewarded based on how well they have driven.
Given that most collisions occur at speeds of less than 35 km/h, the makers say Theo will help to reduce the risk of driver inattention which can lead to these accidents – and have a knock-on effect for the cost of insurance. As the service develops, warnings of accident black spots will be offered.

Mike Brockman, CEO of ThingCo the technology business behind Theo said: “Dashcams have become hugely popular, but they are still relatively rudimentary and do little to make driving safer or to really help motorists in an insurance claim. Theo goes much further to protect drivers.It not only records video of the road ahead but also sees, senses, talks and uses AI to support motorists, keeping them safe on the road and providing immediate help if they are in the unfortunate case of an accident.

“Using the Theo app, customers can track their driving behaviour, plan and review their trips, manage insurance claims, opt in to receive rewards and incentives. This is just the start, our mission is to put motorists of all ages and experience in greater control of their safety, their insurance, their claims experience, through their driving data but most importantly only if they choose.”

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