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A single picture should not stigmatize a whole nation

One needs to stop generalizing the whole Greek Cypriots, and Greeks from Greece as hateful racists .

Once this stops then you can build friendships and good relationships.

When you allow a single picture to generalize a whole population as racists , then aren’t you being a racist yourself?

Yes there are some haters, but you throw out the baby with the bath water when you generalize a whole population as haters and give up on reunification of island.

The national fanatic racists on both sides of the island win when you allow a single picture put hate in your heart and generalize a whole population negatively .


You have to understand this is a group that have the potential for doing bad bad things. What was their point?

And more importantly what is their next plan? On the eve of these negotiations – it was a message that all is not well and the South’s deafening silence says it all.


Turkey slams silence over burning of ‘TRNC’ flag, Elam calls condemnation a ‘badge of honour’ (Updated)

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