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It’s not just Kouris river, it’s the whole island that suffers from fly tipping

Kouris river (PhotoShell @CyprusPictures)

Well from the dam down to Erimi bridge looks like a landfill site, and that area has nothing to do with the bases.

This section is purely down to locals dumping their old furniture, kitchen appliances, building rubble, car parts and garden refuse. There are two businesses on the Kantou side and it is patently obvious they have or have allowed rubbish to be tipped over the banking from their premises.

All the rest of the rubbish, including the plastic sheeting from local fruit growers is from local residents. It isn’t just here the whole island suffers from the problem. Seems to be a cultural thing – dumping your rubbish anywhere as long as it isn’t in your own garden just because you are too lazy, too irresponsible, too ignorant, too stupid, too selfish or too cheap to hire a skip, take it yourself to the proper disposal sites or organise for someone to come and take it away. The mentality of the people here in looking after their island beggars belief.

Hadjihambis certainly isn’t doing anything about that section. If he wants to cry about the section in the base area then he’d be better sorting out his own area first before waving fingers. Be an example instead of waiting for someone else to do your job.

Are they going to do a cleanup or are they just going to leave it? Start from the dam and work downstream, clean it completely and it could be a fantastic nature reserve. (If you could also stop the locals from shooting everything).



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