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The three guarantors failed miserbaly in their duties

This article (Building a federated system of governance) makes some positive suggestions for a federated state in the EU.

But I believe we’re putting the carriage before the horse again. A just and viable solution to the Cyprob has to be decided upon by its own citizens without any duress or interference from external parties.

For the security of both communities though, the 40,000 Turkish troops and all of the Greek troops should be removed from Cyprus and replaced with a transitional EU security force, excluding the UK as well.

Also, the anachronistic 1960 Treaty of Guarantee should be abolished and the three guarantors should put up the monetary funds for the reconstruction and restitution costs for the damage they have caused to the people of Cyprus.

Why? Because all three of them failed miserably, through their actions or inactions, in their guarantee of the sovereignty, integrity, independence, and the security of the ROC and its people.

The wealth of the hydrocarbons in the ROC’s EEZ are for the future generations of Cypriot citizens (both GCs and TCs) and should never be spent on mistakes that were made by us (the current generation) or the guarantors.


Building a federated system of governance

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