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Women outlive men by four years in Cyprus

Men in Cyprus can expect to live four years less than women according to figures released on Monday by Eurostat, with life expectancy for men standing at 80.2 years, and for women at 84.2, with the average 82.2 in 2017.

The life expectancy of a male newborn in the European Union (EU) was 78.1 years during the three-year period 2015-2017 while on average, men tend to live 5.4 years less than women in the EU, Eurostat said.

Across EU regions, the Comunidad de Madrid and Inner London West recorded the highest male life expectancy at 82.0 years during the same period followed by regions in Italy and the United Kingdom.

In contrast, the lowest male life expectancy at birth was recorded in central and western Lithuania (69.7 years), followed by other regions located in the Baltic Member States, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania.

At a regional level, the gender gap for life expectancy at birth favoured women in each of the NUTS level 2 regions in the EU. Women could expect to live over 10 years more than their male counterparts in two Lithuanian regions – Sostinės regionas (10.1 years more), and Vidurio ir vakarų Lietuvos regionas (10.3 years). These were the largest gender life expectancy gaps in the EU.

Gender gaps for life expectancy were also relatively high (over 7.5 years) in Estonia and Latvia. The gaps were also high in all but three of the 17 regions in Poland, the two easternmost regions of Romania (Nord-Est and Sud-Est) and the French island region of Guadeloupe.

In contrast, the gender life expectancy gap was as narrow as 1.1 years in the French outermost region of Mayotte (data refer to an average for 2015 and 2017). A narrow gap was also seen in the central Dutch region of Flevoland (2.8 years). Five additional regions of the Netherlands (Utrecht, Overijssel, Gelderland, Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland), as well as three regions in the United Kingdom (Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, Cheshire, and Essex), had gender gaps within the range of 3.0-3.2 years.


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