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Cyprus complains after EasyJet lost luggage ends up at airport in north

The luggage should have been sent to Larnaca or Paphos airport

The Civil Aviation department has complained to low budget airline EasyJet after it sent a passenger’s lost luggage to Tymbou airport in the north rather than to Paphos or Larnaca, the transport ministry said on Wednesday.

EasyJet was founded by British Greek Cypriot Stelios Haji-Ioannou.
The case emerged earlier in the week after reports that Greek Cypriot actress Paola Hadjilambri travelling from the US to Paphos via stops in Berlin and Budapest lost her luggage, only to be notified last Monday by Tymbou (Ercan) airport that she could go north and pick it up from there.
According to media reports, the luggage had been left behind at Berlin airport and the woman had arranged with EasyJet, the airline she had travelled with for that leg of her journey, to have it brought to her via Larnaca or Paphos on one of the company’s flights to the island.
But the woman received a telephone call from Tymbou airport instead informing her the luggage was with them.

Paola Hadjilambri showing on Facebook her suitcase with the destination travel details

Reports said that the ground handling services company at the Berlin airport that cooperates with EasyJet put the luggage on the first flight to Cyprus, a Turkish Airlines flight bound for Tymbou via Turkey.
The transport ministry – which did not name the airline – said in a written statement that the Cyprus Civil Aviation authorities cannot in any way interfere with the process of handling and dispatching luggage from other countries to the Republic of Cyprus, and that the luggage in question ended up at the illegal airport in Tymbou following arrangements made by the airline the passenger was travelling with.
Civil Aviation, the ministry said, has sought explanations from the airline in question and asked for the case to be looked into “to avoid similar incidents in the future since such actions are contrary to European and international regulations”.


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