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Famagusta hospital in spotlight after sudden death of kidney patient

State doctors union Pasyki on Wednesday questioned the functioning of Famagusta hospital following the sudden death of an elderly kidney patient in the hospital last Friday.

It has called on the health ministry and the state health services (Okypy) to inform them what they intend to do about the lack of kidney specialists in the area.

With the hospital’s sole kidney specialist on leave, doctors are forced to come from Larnaca to treat patients, and, according to Pasyki, the authorities were wrong to accept the request for leave.

“They need to inform us about the solutions and how they have implemented them,” the union statement said. “They have to answer what the overall impact on affected patients is.”

The union noted that such administrative acts “tarnish the image of state hospitals and therefore need the intervention of the health ministry”.

According to reports, the Famagusta hospital is currently visited by about 40 kidney patients daily, and though there is a need for three doctors, there is generally only one, so in the afternoon and evening nursing staff are responsible for dialysis.

The 78-year-old patient on dialysis who died five days ago visited the hospital to be examined early in the morning. He fainted at 6.30am in the canteen and was taken to the first aid department where he was pronounced dead.

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